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On-going Online Coaching

It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle! Join the GF2 Crew and get in the best shape of your life!

GF2 crew non contest prep trainging

    • Custom strength training & cardio plan
    • Custom macro based nutrition plan
    • Flexible dieting (IIFYM)
    • Supplement suggestions
    • Weekly program changes
    • Biweekly check-ins
    • Daily/biweekly weigh-ins
    • Unlimited email support
    • Reverse diet
    • Access to the private Team Page: The GF2 Crew!
    • $25/wk, inquire for 20+ week discounted costs


Online personal training includes a workout program that changes over time to meet individual goals. Your plan includes a macro based meal plan, supplement suggestions, weekly weigh-ins, email support as well as the education to set you up for long term success. You will also be added to the private GF2 Crew FB page for support and success celebration! I am here for you every step of the way, right up to VICTORY!

My online coaching includes a workout program that is specific for your goals, lifestyle and your bodies’ areas of strengths and weaknesses. The cardio and lifting program will change over time to meet those goals. This includes a diet plan, daily/weekly weigh-ins, weekly program changes and unlimited email support. You will also be added to the private GF2 Crew FB page to help support each other and celebrate successes!

As a coach, I want my clients to make the best progress possible in the healthiest way possible. My knowledge of the bodies physiological processes and the synergy between all of its components is key to help you each step of the way to help you lose fat, gain muscle and keep it long term! I am here for you! …every question, every doubt, every stumble and every victory!

You will be challenged physically and mentally and, like any relationship, trust and communication are key to your success. I can only do so much based on your input. The end result will be dictated by your ability to follow through with the program and recommendations I give you. Also note, every client is an individual as their  programs will look different based on many factors including previous and current diet and conditioning, future goals, metabolism, lifestyle and so on. Feel free to ask me any questions you have as I want you to have total confidence in your choice on this journey as it is a challenging yet rewarding one

Take It & Run Plan

Squat- GF2

This is a one time complete plan written to your personal goals and lifestyle. You will get a lifting plan, cardio plan and macro based meal plan. This is different from the on-going online personal training plan as it does NOT include the daily or weekly check-ins, changes to your plan or on-going email support.

    • Custom strength training plan
    • Custom cardio plan
    • Custom, macro based nutrition plan
    • Flexible dieting (IIFYM)
    • Supplement suggestions
    • Access to the private Team Page: The GF2 Crew!
    • $150