Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams

IFPA Physique Pro

Occupation: Federal Agent

Fitness blog: http://mindyourmuscle.blogspot.com/

Business: www.HeadBanditz.com

MyBodyspace@Bodybuilding.com: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/rswilliams/

Instagram: Musclebitches

Twitter: Rachel@musclebitches

About Rachel

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I am a retired triathlete, retired competitive swimmer and retired marathon runner. But I am still a fierce competitor in the world of bodybuilding and a federal agent to boot!

I sustained a severe tear in my lumbar disc five and completely tore two of three high hamstring tendons completely off the bone in my right glute. As a result of these injuries, I could no longer run long distances or train the way desired.  I also wore a full back Milwaukee brace for severe scoliosis for three years in high school.  I was told that weight lifting was not a good option for me.  I thought otherwise and in the end was right. I am a highly competitive person and love to train so I wanted a new challenging sport to compete in.  I have lifted weights since I was a kid as I was a competitive swimmer from age 6 through college even qualifying for NCAA Championships and became and All American.

After the realization set in of not being a triathlete, I needed a new direction.  I saw a gal at the gym who was extremely lean and fit. I had a strong desire to have a similar physique.  I made some inquiries of people whom I knew that competed and from there I began my new challenge.  I trained hard and competed in my first show after 16 weeks of training. I had been an endurance athlete for many years but have always lifted weights as a component of my training. The nutrition aspect was an entirely new beast to me but one I was able to adapt to quickly. My body made a transformation, which I had never experienced before. I loved my new sport.

I rocked my first competition.  I won each class I entered and won the overall in Figure.  I knew I had many improvements to make as I was lean but I was thin.  I am hooked and strive to improve my physique for each competition.  I like to improve each competition and not just ‘prep’ for a show 16 weeks out.  I maintain my body fat at 10-11% at all times and stay within 10 lbs. of my competition weight.  I stick to my nutrition plan year – round. Figure bodybuilding is a sport for me, not a pageant.  I have added 10 lbs. of muscle (naturally) in the last five years, which is difficult for a woman of my age.

I enjoyed competing in Figure but always had an underlying desire to compete in bodybuilding but knew I needed a much more size to compete on a national level.  I was thrilled when the physique category was introduced.  Physique is a perfect fit for my body type and mindset. I had finally found my niche!

I try to be a great role model for others striving to reach their goals in this sport. Other women need to know that it is possible to achieve your dreams and continue to achieve those goals and make yourself even better despite the obstacles we all face in life.  It’s about choices.  We all make choices each and every day.  Age is not a factor, single parenthood is not an excuse, and working 50+ hours can be an obstacle but not one that can’t be overcome.  If you want it, then you have to work to get it.  If it were handed to you, it couldn’t be as sweet or unique.  It’s not easy but it is DOABLE if you want it!

I have reached my prime in my 40’s and know even better years lie ahead.  I am a single mom and a federal agent.  I know who I am.  I am comfortable in my skin and secure with my body image.  I embrace my muscular physique and the power I feel knowing I am responsible for working hard to make myself better each day, both mentally and physically.

I have passed my healthy attitude of strength and empowerment onto both of my children.  My daughter, who is 18 years old, competed in her first bikini competition at 16 years old. She trained hard and stuck to the nutrition and workout plan all while attending high school (earning a 3.6 GPA) and working part-time at Starbucks.  She was the only teenage competitor and took home 7th place in the Open class. She is training for another show this spring.  My son (16) took up the sport of lacrosse to gain speed and strength for his football season. He also a 3.6 student and has begun lifting weights in the past two years.

Women need to know that we can achieve our dreams and have it all. It’s not an easy journey but definitely worth the run!  I represent the aging female population who continue to fail to put themselves first and take care of their mind, body and soul.  I have achieved this and continue to make myself better each and every day.


Competition History

2014 NANBF Northern States Natural Classic: Overall Physique Winner and earned IFPA Physique Pro card

2014 NPC North Star: Women’s Physique Open Class – 4th, Master’s Physique – 3rd

2013 NANBF Mr. & Ms. Natural Minnesota: Open Figure Tall Class – 3rd Place. Masters Figure 40+ – 2nd

2012 NANBF Mr. & Ms. Natural Minnesota: Open Figure Tall Class Winner, Masters Figure 35+ – 2nd, Masters Figure 40 + – 2nd

2011 NANBF Kansas City Classic: Open Figure Tall Class -3rd, Masters Figure Tall 35+ – 1st, Masters Figure Tall 40+ – 2nd

2011 NANBF Northern States Natural Classic: Open Figure Tall Class – 4th, Masters Figure 35+ – 2nd, Masters Figure  40+ – 3rd

2010 NANBF Mr./Ms. Natural Minnesota: Open Figure Tall Class Winner and 2nd Overall Open Winner

2010 NPC Minnesota State Championships: Figure Height Class E – 6th, Masters 35+ – 5th

2010 OCB Midwest States: Figure Masters 35+ Class – 3rd; Open Figure Tall Class – 5th

2009 NANBF Northern States Natural Classic: Overall Figure Beginner Winner and Overall Open Winner




Featured on Over 40 Amateur of the Week – December 2013

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Matrix Fitness Equipment (Fall 2013)

ShopNBC (2012-2013)

 Variety of shoots for live TV demonstration and some print work for Gopher Sport Catalog.

 Walmart Commercial (April 2014)

 Clip unavailable.  Shot locally for grocery segment and aired for one week.


Weekly Workout

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Rachel’s Coach/Trainer: Chris Abbas –  ISSA Certified – Personal Trainer and Nutrition

Rachel’s Posing Coach: Elite Presentation by Allison 

My coach combines metabolic training, HIIT, and active rest during weight training. I never perform any steady state cardio. NOT ever. I don’t do it during the off-season or while prepping for a show.  My training has evolved into this over the last several years.
My weight training is also unique in that I perform typical weight training with functional strength training exercises. My workouts are never longer than an hour in duration and I always have at least one rest day a week. The workout schedules are changed up every 8-12 weeks.
I also do not have a bulking season. I am within 10 pounds of competition weight at all times.  Given my age, it is difficult to build muscle and reduce body fat.  It also not healthy to pack on 15-20 pounds in the ‘off-season’.  This is also why I do not perform steady state cardio.  Steady state cardio burns up your muscle mass until you have a solid muscle mass base which has been held for a long period of time.
The workout regime is also designed to focus on my body type and the areas where I need to improve to gain muscle, improve symmetry and build strength. The functional strength workouts also work as HIIT workouts as well as the kettle bell swings.
I often do active rest during weight workouts which means I do jumping jacks, mountain climbers, bench step-ups or burpees in between weight sets rather than just sitting and resting.

Sample workout for the week:


Functional strength chest/back
Kettle bell swings

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturdays (Functional Strength Days)
Battling Ropes
Prowler Sled
(performed in a circuit – 6 cycles)


Kettle bell swings


Kettle Bell Swings


Rest Day

Thank you Rachel for a fabulous bio written for Get Fit. Go Figure!