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IFBB Pro Figure

Occupation: Fitness and Nutritional Expert and Lifestyle Coach






About Gina


My name is Gina Aliotti and I was born and raised in Monterey, California and currently reside, with my husband, Michael Silva, son, David Silva and soon to be daughter, Nicolette Silva, in Carlsbad, Ca.  I grew up in a very health conscious family. My mom owned a nutrition store in her younger years and my father was a bodybuilder and competed in several NPC shows. I fell in love with working out and healthy eating at a young age and knew I wanted a career in the fitness field. I received my Bachelors Degree in Foods and Nutrition from San Diego State University in 2007. While I was going to school, I began competing in figure competitions and fell in love with the sport and how much proper nutrition and training could change your body. I earned my IFBB pro-card at my first National show, the NPC USA’s in 2005. I competed as an IFBB Figure pro from 2006-2009, winning several titles including the prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in 2008. I was runner up at the Ms. Figure Olympia in ‘07, ‘08, & ‘09.

I am a certified Personal Trainer, certified CrossFit Instructor, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, yoga practitioner, and marathon runner. Throughout my own personal success, have found my true passion is in helping others reach their fitness goals. As a wife and mother of 1 beautiful son and daughter on the way, I have focused my business on everyday fitness and helping others be the best versions of themselves, no matter where they are in their fitness journey, a competitor, mom, mom to be, etc. My mission is based on the concept of simplifying and getting back to the basics of what health and fitness is all about, building a strong foundation of principles and tools to allow individuals to live a realistic balanced approach to a lifestyle that one can maintain. I currently work with clients on a 101 basis and offer downloadable programs that are easy to understand and effective in helping others reach and maintain their ultimate goals.


Weekly Workout


Since my competition days, now as a busy working mom, I have found my love in circuit training. I find that it is effective for my body and goals and realistic for my busy schedule. My workouts combine both cardio and strength training in one session. No workout is longer than an hour long. I target the entire body with some workouts more focused on one specific areas, such as shoulders, back, glutes, etc.

Below is a breakdown of what a typical week looks like:


Warm up: TABATA Sprints on 3% incline, sprint, 20 seconds, off 10, repeat 8x for total of 4 minutes…

15 shoulder presses

15 bicep curls

15 bent over rows

15 body weight squats

30 crunches

rest and repeat 3x (not including sprints)

Finish 3rd round with 2nd set of Tabata Sprints



Run ½ mile, rest 2 minutes, run ½ mile (both for time)

10 low to the ground side squats, (10 each way, staying low to the ground)

10 goblet squats

10 kettle bell or dumbbell swings

10 hamstring curls off exercise ball

1-minute plank

rest and repeat all but run 3x then

finish with ¼ mile sprint!



15 shoulder press (palms facing ears)

5 push ups holding dumbbells

Repeat above 3x

10 body weight squats

10 jump squats

Repeat above 3x

10 front raises super set with side lateral raises

30 bicycle crunches

repeat above 3x

1 minute plank

1 minute sprint

Repeat above 3x



10 goblet squats superset with 10 pulse squats

20 butt squeezes off bench (body weight or weight resting on thighs)

10 Arnold presses

10 shoulder presses with palms facing ears

50 bicycle crunches

20 crunches with 2 second hold at the top

Run ¼ mile

Rest and Repeat 3x


Day 5: CIRCUIT 5

100 Jump Ropes

10 combo lunge with side lateral

10 combo lunge with front raise

10 combo lunge with press

10 tricep kick backs

10 overhead tricep extensions

10 dumbbell or kettlebell swings

Rest and Repeat 2x


Thank you Gina for your excellent bio written for Get Fit. Go figure!