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At some point… when I find time between kids, clients, blog and Beautycounter……I will post Bikini, Figure and Non-competitor workout programs! (I swear ;D)

My Current Bikini Workout

Off Season 2015

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Park to Park Workout Video

3.5 mile run with 4 stops.

Didn’t make it to the gym yesterday so I hit the road on a 3.5 mile run and stopped at 4 parks and play structures along the way to get in some strength training…. oh yeah, and I sprinted up any hills along the run— which is two long ones! This is a fun (sort of) way to break up your run and get an intense workout in! Give it a try! You can taylor this to your fitness level. For example, run 1 mile and choose 3 places you will stop to do 3 body weight exercises. You got this!!!

My run involved the following (the video speed is 2x faster- which also makes me look more bad ass and intense! ;D)


Stop #1: 1 round of box jumps, explosive push-ups, jump lunges, hand stand push-ups, handstand hold, high knee skipping


Stop #2: single arm dead hangs, dead hang, single arm dead hang ,alternating pump step ups

Run (with 2 -20 second up hill sprints)

Stop #3: Pullups, dead hang, sumo squats, single arm dead hang

Run (4-20 second sprints up a very long hill)

Stop #4: Pullups, dead hang, single leg pump step ups, inverted push-ups

Run home! DONE!! yay!!

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Coming soon:

Workouts for at home and in the gym! 3 and 5 day splits with dumb bells and barbells and machine only workouts! + diet advice.

stay tuned!