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I would really like to start a subscription box!!! A subscription box is like a magazine, but instead of words on paper, you get super awesome new fitness items! Its like Christmas! The box will most likely be $50-$100 per box  including items like gear, food, and supplements to help you stay on track and improve your healthy lifestyle.

I haven’t decided on how often the box will be shipped (every month, every other month or every 3 months), cost and target market (new Moms, elite athletes etc)

I need your feedback on this idea and what type of items you would be interested in receiving. The items would change every box introducing you to new and exciting products.

Please include information such as:

  1. Cost you would be willing to pay per box
  2. Items you would be interested in receiving (food, gear, supplements, exercise equipment, clothing)
  3. How often would you want to receive a box? Every month, every other month, every 3 months